• Hosting

    Where are my websites or new servers hosted?

    The websites or servers we manage are provided in the Nuremberg and Falkenstein data centers by Hetzner, a local hosting provider. *

    * = Only if you decide to host your new or existing website on our WordPress-optimized servers.

    How many websites are hosted per server?

    We host a maximum of 30 websites on our powerful servers, so that the performance always remains at the highest level.

    Do you build the servers yourself?

    No, we use servers that Hetzner offers in its server exchange. So we use already configured systems and protect the environment because we don't have to build new servers.

  • Services

    Are you also available as a freelancer for agencies?

    Yes, we are also available for freelance orders. You can find out about our hour / day or project pricing on request.

    What does the WordPress web design service include?

    We create your WordPress website based on current SEO and design requirements. You can deliver content to us, have it sent to us via an copywriter or have it copied from your existing website. The websites that we create are adapted for desktop, mobile and tablet displays.

    What does the Managed WordPress service include?

    Do you already have an existing WordPress website or do you want us to look after your new website after it has been created? We keep your WordPress website up-to-date with updates, secure your data against loss and maintain the content you provide on your website. We check your website for current SEO and design requirements and update them if necessary after your approval.

    Managed server, what is it?

    Do you want your own server for your websites so that the performance of your WordPress instances is always at a top level? We ensure that your server is always up-to-date, secure and secured against data loss. We test important system updates and system changes before they are applied to your main system.