Our Pro Subscription

The "We take care of (almost) everything" package for your company!

To help you focus on your business and not have to deal with your online presence, we’ve developed our Pro Subscription. A subscription that makes it easier for you to position your brand on the Internet and bring new customers.

Our subscription is available in 3 different versions, depending on the size of your company.


for startups and sole proprietores
75,00 € per Month

Creation of your Website 1,2

3 Domains incl. + 2000 EMail-Addresses 3

2 Changes per Month 4

SEO 4 Hours / Year 5


for large companies
250,00 € per Month

Creation of your Website 1,2

5 Domains incl. + 4000 EMail-Addresses 3

20 Changes per Month 4

SEO 15 Hours / Year 5

1,2 = In the starter package, the website contains 5 pages (incl. imprint & disclaimer), in the SME package your website contains 10 pages (incl. imprint & disclaimer), in the wholesale package your website contains 15 pages, incl. another language, a total of 30 pages (incl. imprint & disclaimer).
3 = The hosting partner is Strato, based in Germany. The package contains a different number of domains, email mailboxes, and storage, depending on the package size.
4 = On your website, you will receive a different number of change runs depending on the package. We will incorporate your changes. A change run consists of 60 minutes.
5 = We check your website for the current requirements of the search engines and change them in the hours specified in your chosen package.

Setup fee for all packages is 100 €, due at the conclusion of the contract. The contract term is 12 months, cancellation is possible 3 months before extension. The subscription automatically renews for a further 12 months if not cancelled.